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InspectionTechnologies offers the most professional and comprehensive Inspection that can be provided. With 26 years in business and over 5,000 inspection projects, we are one of the most experienced commercial and residential real estate inspection firms in this market.

As your *Vermont* and *Northern Tier New York* Professional Real Estate Inspection company, we understand that the house we are reviewing will be your home. And that there’s no such thing as ‘too much information’. Maybe that’s why more homebuyers trust InspectionTechnologies for their home inspection needs than anyone else in this market.


We understand that listing or purchasing a home takes a lot of your time and energy and, it takes a lot of paper! That’s why we provide you with The InspectionTechnologies Digital Report – a comprehensive summary of your home’s condition. The easy-to-read format makes the report useful, as a quick reference tool, should questions arise regarding the home.

The inspection findings of our over 400+ item inspection can be downloaded from our passcode-protected website the very next day. Though we only give the passcode to you, you have control over the passcode for the 30-days that the report remains posted to our website. This alleviates copying, faxing, or mailing your report to anyone else you may need to review it (your contractor, a family member, your attorney or your Realtor).

• Sample Inspection Report
• ‘Pre-Closing Walk Through’ checklist
• EPA Radon Information Pamphlet
• EPA Lead Information Pamphlet
• A.G.W.T. Well Water Information Site


InspectionTechnologies can perform a pre-listing inspection for a seller, which will help the listing to standout, sell faster – for the highest amount possible.

This peace of mind may help eliminate lengthy re-negotiations and post-closing hassles. A FASTER SALE and a HIGHER PRICE – that is the goal of a pre-listing inspection!

The Listing Inspection

Rest assured, a buyers building inspector will find any issues post-offer. Just think of the benefits of having this information beforehand.

A pre-listing inspection lets you know the condition of the property and gives recommendations on property enhancements. You can then decide which areas, if any, you would like to fix-up, and which you plan on using to justify a lower asking price.

Either way, prospective buyers feel a greater peace of mind in knowing an inspection was conducted beforehand, and the property has “no skeletons in the closet”.

InspectionTechnologies gives your Realtor the right to include our logos and “PRE-INSPECTED FOR SALE” in their advertisements.

We provide you with a supply of postcards that can be given to prospective buyers. The postcards contain a web address and passcode to view the report from our website. A Pre-listing Inspection Report also contains many additional digital photographs and reference points that when reviewed, becomes an on-line virtual tour of the home!

If you choose to enhance or upgrade any items noted in the Property Inspection Report, Inspection Technologies will return to the property – one time at no additional fee – to Verify Repairs and update the Property Inspection Report accordingly.


Benefits to Realtors

A Home Inspection offers many potential benefits to Realtors. Among these are:

1) Reduced liability — With our negligent referral coverage and extensive liability coverage to help protect realtors after the sale.

2) Less buyer discomfort — Whether your client’s home is old or new, the InspectionTechnologies experts help provide them with the peace of mind they deserve.

3) Curtailed buyer remorse — Many homebuyers believe that a brand new home is a worry-free home. But even the best homebuilders make mistakes, and that’s where InspectionTechnologies can help. Our impartial inspectors can disclose items in need of repair or reinstallation to reduce buyer remorse over their new home. At InspectionTechnologies, we have a total commitment to customer satisfaction.

4) Professional image and credibility — A professional home inspection report helps lend credibility and stature to the image of the real estate professional. It says the firm and its sales associates are genuinely concerned with the best interests of both buyer and seller, thereby reflecting on the Realtor’s integrity.

(5) Less litigation — Homebuyers are potentially less likely to file suits alleging misrepresentation, negligence and fraud when the sale is preceded by a home inspection.

6) More sales — Buyers may be positively influenced by a professional home inspection report, improving the speed, price, and likelihood of a sale.

7) Less negotiation — Prior acknowledgement of any defects reflected in sales price may leave buyers with fewer objections.

8) Reduced listing time — By providing insight into the condition of the home, InspectionTechnologies helps you reduce the overall listing time of your client’s home.

The home inspection benefits all parties involved in the real estate transaction. For more information, or to arrange an inspection with a qualified home inspection company, contact InspectionTechnologies Co.


NO! Home inspections are just part of our business. We’re in the business of providing peace of mind. To do this, buyers, sellers and agents have asked for more than just home inspections. We’ve been asked to provide a variety of ancillary services that work hand-in-hand with the home inspection.

We offer:

  • EPA Approved Radon Site Testing
  • EPA Approved Water Analysis
  • Septic Integrity Testing and fluorescein dye work
  • Carbon Monoxide Analysis
  • Energy Assessments
  • Combustible Gas Leak Detection
  • Property Lead Surveys
  • Toxicity of visible molds
  • Materials analysis (suspect of asbestos, lead, etc.)
  • Microwave leak detection
  • EMF (Electro-magnetic fields)
  • ..and much more.


Inspection Technologies is now offering odor elimination services
We are are now certified by the National Ozone Association and EcoEducation Center 

Ozone shock treatment is a powerful method of odor elimination.

Outdoors, odors are eliminated using both UV light and O3.
Indoors, most places that generate odors receive very little UV light or O3.
Click here to find out more about Odor Elimination Services


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

A typical inspection of a property less than 2000 sq. ft. lasts about 2 hours. We do suggest that you reserve a minimum of 3 hours for larger homes or if questions or discussions arise. We do not ‘breeze through’ the house in an hour or less to check boxes and hand-write comments on a carbon paper form or a field worksheet – and call it a report as many of our competitors do. We do the most thorough and detailed inspection available.

How are you different from other inspection firms?

We are full-time professionals – this is not a sideline business. Many home inspectors inspect homes part-time and don’t commit to continuing education.

Our inspectors use high-end computers, the Internet, extensive software, and digital cameras to create a comprehensive narrative report just for you. Many other firms use carbon paper forms with check-off boxes and limited space for hand written comments. Our reports are designed to be used for reference after you’ve taken possession of the property – not just get filed away with all your closing documents!

We have extensive code, standards, and technical libraries available to our staff as well as an on-site laboratory. Our extensive databases include component re-call information, which can quickly determine any active re-calls. Many of our clients have received manufacturer paid repairs, or allowances for new components or equipment prior to closing.

Our on-site laboratory and extensive training allows us to perform analysis such as Radon testing and some water testing, without the delay of sending samples away for analysis.

When possible, we mount the roof, crawl the attic, and wiggle through a crawlspace – many others don’t…or won’t. And if we want to point something out to you we take digital photographs. Sometimes a picture’s worth a thousand words.

We have a full line of property and environmental inspection options making us a one-stop shop for your convenience. We do not perform repairs on homes we inspect. Rest assured that our report reflects our true opinion of the property and is not influenced by the desire to gain work in another trade.

What we DON’T do

We don’t see through walls, we don’t predict the future, we don’t worry about cosmetics, and we don’t promise to find every single defect in a home.. A home inspection is a generalist’s perspective, and therefore our fee is much less than bringing in a specialist from each field. If you require specialist evaluations (engineers, architects, Master plumbers, Master electricians, sewer camera inspections, infrared leak detections, etc.) we can arrange for such evaluations at an additional cost.

Is an inspection necessary for new construction?

Absolutely. While many new homes are well built and free of significant defects, we regularly find defects in new construction. Every contractor can’t account for every subcontractor. Chimneys have been rebuilt and roofs re-shingled as the result of an InspectionTechnologies Inspection.

Electrical concerns, unsafe furnace installations, incorrect framing, and improper siding installations have all been found during our new construction inspections. Even without serious concerns, an InspectionTechnologies inspection can help identify important items for a pre-closing punch list. It is very common for problems to be identified that might not be noticeable to a homeowner until after the builder’s warranty has expired, or if you sell the home in the future.

The State processes hundred of complaints against builders each year.

May I be present during the inspection?

YES! In fact, we insist on your presence at the inspection. Contrary to popular opinion, our job is not just to inspect the property but to educate as well. This can only be achieved if you are present at the time of the inspection.

How will I know the condition of the house?

During the course of the inspection, your inspector will point out findings and answer any questions that you have. You will want to be available to the inspector, but not interfere with the inspection process. Let the inspector know your concerns as the inspection starts and feel free to ask questions about findings. Point out anything that you discover during the inspection and provide an extra pair of eyes. Throughout the inspection, your inspector will be taking notes and composing a report that will give their findings and opinions.

Do I get a written report?

The written report is composed with a powerful computer that contains a proprietary knowledge base available to your inspector as he creates the inspection report. It will be delivered to you through our pass code-protected website that only you can view (and whoever you decide to give the passcode to). The Property Inspection Report contains the letters of introduction reiterating the scope of the inspection and defining terms, our inspection report, photo addendums, a Current and Seasonal Maintenance Information, and Component Life Expectancies.

What are your qualifications?

All of our inspectors are Nationally certified and licensed, and required to receive ongoing training locally, regionally, and nationally.

We are also members of F.R.E.A. (The Foundation of Real Estate Appraisers), with designation of RREI (Residential Real Estate Inspectors) and CREI (Commercial Real Estate Inspectors). Our Membership number is 0019118.
Our Vermont License number is: 143.0112840
Our New York License number is: 16000013385.
And, we are also one of the founding members of the Vermont Association of Professional Home Inspectors. For information on V.A.P.H.I, visit their website at

Do you have Errors & Omissions insurance?

Yes, we do. We have coverage for Errors and Omissions (Professional Liability), Business Liability, and we are Bonded.

How do I book an Inspection?

Simply call us at 802-233-9491 ​or 518-­565-­0379 to book an inspection time that’s convenient for you.


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